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Plant tour hours may vary, so please check this schedule periodically.

All times are Central.

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Children must be at least 6 years old and accompanied by an adult.


9:30 AM CST Plant Tour

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11:30 AM CST Plant Tour

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1:30 PM CST Plant Tour

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After a brief introduction in the Visitors Center Theater, you will board a tram and travel first to one of TMMI’s two Body Weld shops. There, hundreds of robots join together steel parts with thousands of spot welds, often signaled by a burst of flashing sparks. Next is the Customer Satisfaction Line, where doors, fenders, hood and the back hatch are installed to complete a body ready for paint.

After Body Weld, you’ll ride through one of two Assembly shops. You’ll see engines and axles, wire harnesses, instrument panels, headliners, seats, carpets and a wide range of other parts and trim added to the body to create the final product.

Throughout Body Weld, Assembly and our other production shops, you’ll see our team members perform a variety of checks to ensure the quality of our vehicles.

Your plant tour will take approximately 45 minutes, including the introduction. You are invited to explore the Visitors Center before or after your tour. The estimated total time to see both the Visitors Center and the plant tour is 75 minutes.

Safety Guidelines

For your safety, the following guidelines have been established for the plant tours:

  • Visitors 18 years of age and older are required to present a valid ID.
  • Visitors must be able to board the tram and sit with seatbelts fastened.
  • Children must be at least 6 years old and accompanied by an adult.
  • Closed-toe shoes, long pants or long skirts and long-sleeve shirts are required.
  • No cameras, bags or phones are allowed on the tour. Lockers are available for your convenience.


Groups of 17 or more must make a reservation to take a plant tour. To make a group reservation, please call us at (812) 387-2266 or (888) 696-8211 (88TOYOTA11).

Groups with fewer than 17 people are welcome to join a plant tour if space permits; however, reservations are recommended.


Schools, tour groups and community organizations are welcome to take a plant tour. To tour the factory, please call for reservations. Our phone numbers are (812) 387-2266 or (888) 696-8211 (88TOYOTA11). Please provide us with a list of attendees before starting the tour. Bus parking is available.

For school or youth groups, fourth grade is the minimum age requirement for plant tours. One adult for every 16 students is required.

Larger groups can be accommodated by request. Please contact the Visitors Center Reservation Desk at (812) 387-2266 or (888) 696-8211 (88TOYOTA11).